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Roatan Angel
Photo of a young girl on the island of Raotan, Honduras


Our photographic experience encompasses a wide range of subjects, situations and venues. Some of the images we took while on other assignments, such as great scenery at a wedding venue or enroute to one. In other cases, we went driving around in search of a photograph and happened on something or someone that caught our eye. Still others are images from far away places where we traveled for vacation or business.       

We have displayed examples of that body of work in framed prints, traditional and contemporary flush-mount albums, a variety of photobook formats, customized cards, fully embellished scrapbooks, and a variety of digital media.    

We invite you to peruse our various galleries of photographs and album designs of previous work.  Some of the images are presented as samples of our prior work from private events such as weddings to help prospective customers appreciate our skill and eye as it might relate to their wedding, portrait or event - and as such, are not available for purchase.    

In other cases, such as our scenic galleries and Vermont covered bridge project, we have treated these as stock photos and enabled the purchase of a print, canvas, or even to print them on photo-merchandise directly from within the gallery, if you choose.          

A woman and her feline friend.


If you are a recent customer, your proofs will be posted in an online gallery containing one or more digital albums of proofs.  Your photographer will place a link to your gallery on our Proof page and assign your gallery a unique password.  Click on the link above to be taken to our Proof page.  Once that page opens, scroll down and click on the link for your customer gallery.  You will then be asked for your case-sensitive password to enter, view your gallery, and/or order prints.  Click here to see a SAMPLE  PROOF  GALLERY  including our current pricing on selected popular sizes and finishes.





We have long hosted our image galleries on the SmugMug platform.  At the end of July 2013, SmugMug introduced a new platform for hosting image galleries.  It enables much easier navigation within the gallery structure, and if you would like to browse our portfolio of images, we would encourage you to jump directly there and start looking around. To navigate to the AyerPhoto gallery site, click HERE.  To go directly to our PORTFOLIO section, click HERE.   

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Bride & Groom Eskimo Kiss


This gallery contains samples of some of our wedding photographs from weddings in a variety of venues throughout Vermont, New York and Michigan.  To see a sampling of wedding-related photographs including engagement, rehearsal, ceremony, reception, and album designs - click HERE .     








Photobook cover design by Ayer Photography of VT


This gallery contains samples designs and layouts of some of our wedding albums and photobooks - in both modern and classical styles.   See also the Wedding Samples page in the Weddings section of our website.   



Casual Senior Portraits by Ayer Photography of VT

PORTRAIT GALLERY                  

This gallery contains a sample of our portrait photography of a variety of subjects -- both posed and candid.    








Fall Foliage Scene Near Lincoln Gap, Vermont


This gallery contains a sample of our scenic photography in a variety of locales.  It also contains a few albums of flower photographs.  These photographs are available as prints, enlargements, canvases, metal prints, or on a variety of other photo merchandise, such as magnets, puzzles, and mugs.  If you would like one of these magnificent scenes on a custom canvas with a handmade wooden fabulous floating frame, just send us a note at  Info@AyerPhoto.com  and we would be happy to create it for you.    

"Lunch" by Ayer Photography


As members of the Vermont Professional Photographers and Professional Photographers of America, we periodically enter select images into professional competitions.  This gallery contains a sample of some of the images we have created specifically for print competitions. These photographs are available as prints, enlargements, canvases, metal prints, or on a variety of other photo merchandise. If you would like one of these magnificent images on a custom canvas with a handmade wooden fabulous floating frame, just send us a note at Info@AyerPhoto.com and we would be happy to create it for you.


Vermont Covered Bridge in Cambridge, Vermont


We have begun a multi-year project to tour the state of Vermont and photograph all 107 surviving covered bridges.  We are using Ed Barna's book, "Covered Bridges of Vermont" (1996) as our guide and will retain his numbering and organization into thirteen regional tours for simplicity throughout our gallery.         


15-foot Wild Iguana in Mayan Ruins in Mexico


This gallery contains samples of our photography of various animals from insects to birds to butterflies to horses to killer whales.  These photographs are available as prints, enlargements, or on a wide variety of photo merchandise such as mugs, puzzles, and mouse pads.     



Fireworks at Fourth of July Carnival, Colchester


A sampling of photographs from events of various types from carnivals to graduations to ordinations to charity fundraisers can be found in this set of galleries.  In some cases we have also designed Event Photobooks, some of which can be viewed by clicking  HERE .      





Scrapbook by Linda Ayer of Ayer Photography


While scrapbooks are no longer a standard offering at Ayer Photography, Linda remains very active in the local scrapbooking community (see our Blog ).   On rare occasions, we will entertain requests to special bid the design and creation of fully embellished custom scrapbooks.  But, as acid-free components have become more readily available, most of our scrapbook customers are choosing to create their own scrapbooks.  They will ask us to assist only by editing, cropping and resizing photos they wish to include, and occasionally consulting on the design.  This gallery displays a few examples of a few of our older complete fully custom scrapbook projects .


Thank you for your interest in

Ayer Photography of Vermont.

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