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No matter what your style Ayer Photography of Vermont will blend modern and traditional modes of expression in photographs to tell your story in a unique record that will be treasured for years to come.
To this end we offer a wide variety of options to display your photographs.  For those customers who simply want a book of all of their final proofs, or the best 200 or 300, we have two (2) books in two (2) sizes.           


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Bristol Proof Book - Standard PhotoBook

Our Bristol Proof Book offerings are press-printed PhotoBooks.  They are printed on archival-quality, acid-free 65 lb paperstock and are bound like a typical library book - that is, they do not lay flat when open.  As a result, each page is designed separately and two-page spreads are not practical as the binding area of each page gets obscured. 
For our proof books, all pages have a common background and the layouts have a traditional or classic look.  While the final pages have a template-based look, they are in fact custom-designed with no requirement to force the pictures into a pre-defined layout.  Instead the layout is customized to the customer images for each and every page.
The front and back hardcover and spine are glossy and may contain one or more photographs from the collection within.   Titling and captions are also possible in a variety of fonts and colors, as needed.
Typically, the Proof Book will contain all of the final proofs posted to the customer's online proof gallery.  If one of the smaller proof books is purchased, it may, as an option, contain only the "best 200 or 300" proofs as selected by the customer from their online proof gallery.  These printed pictures (proofs) are not all the same size, however.  They are laid out creatively - each page unique to the pictures it displays. 
Both book sizes are available in two (2) thicknesses - 100 pages, or 140 pages.  For the largest wedding galleries, we recommend our largest Proof Book, measuring 11" (w) x 14" (h).  A second version measures 10" (w) x 10" (h).  The layouts of these two books are stand-alone and cannot be ported to any of our other album or photobook styles or sizes.         

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Standard PhotoBook Pages

Each page will have its own layout customized to the pictures to be displayed on that particular page.  As a result we are able to design the more important pictures to occupy the larger positions and the pictures of lesser importance to occupy the "accent" and "secondary" locations.  The best pictures will be printed "full-bleed" (all the way to the edge) filling an entire 10.75" x 13.75" page (in the 11" x 14" version). 

Bristol Proof Book
Bristol Wedding Proof Book

In the case of a wedding proof book, one page can be designed to incorporate the wedding vows or special readings from the ceremony.    

Thank you for your interest in Ayer Photography of Vermont 

Telling Your Story In Pictures ... As Beautiful As The Memories They Preserve
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