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Gallery Passwords
Each customer gallery for proofs or otherwise will be assigned a unique URL (link) and an associated case-sensitive password by Ayer Photography.  This password is required and must be input exactly as defined to access the gallery.       
Forgotten Passwords
If you have forgotten your password, click here to send a note to Ayer Photography and request that the password be resent.  We will then resend the password to the original eMail id given as a contact for the customer contracting for the photographs contained in the gallery. 


Password Distribution
Ayer Photography will NOT send passwords to remote friends and relatives.
Our customers are responsible for the distribution (or lack thereof) of the password for their particular Proof Gallery to their friends and relatives.  If you wish to gain access to a password-protected gallery, but are not the customer who contracted with us for the photography, you will have to contact that customer for the password.

Password Reset
If you are a current customer and would like the password to your online photo gallery changed for any reason, please click here to send a request to this effect to Ayer Photography.  We will contact you separately for confirmation and then change the password at our earliest convenience.

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